Saturday, January 16, 2010

Madeline Island

This serene spot on the shore of Madeline Island in Lake Superior intrigued me when I was on a boat trip of the Apostle Islands several years ago. I began using pastels last year, and found that some scenes, like this one, lend themselves to pastels a little better than to acrylic paints. This is 14" x 11".

Flowers in the Wind

This 7" x 5" mixed media abstract began as a watercolor monoprint on glass, which I transferred to paper, then enhanced with pastels. I began using this process a few months ago and enjoy the freedom of "creating on a whim."

Swiss Mountain Church

I painted this quaint church recently from a photo I took in 1966 in the Swiss Alps. I can almost hear the bells ringing. This is a 10" x 8" acrylic on paper.